SPORTOGRAF.COM is the official photo service of We Ride Flanders. These photographers have acquired a good reputation in recent years with their fully digital service and competitive prizes.

In view of the fact that they themselves are active cyclists, they have an outstanding feeling from the perspective of the participant.

Here you can find your personal pictures after the event!

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We Ride Flanders 1/04/2023

Below are the different rates for We Ride Flanders.

Rates 75km 144km 179km 235km*
Early Bird 45 € 55 € 65 € 75 €
Breakaway 50 € 60 € 70 € 80 €
Chasing group 55 € 65 € 80 € 90 €
The Peloton 65 € 75 € 90 € 100 €

*In 2023 the longest distance (235 km) will start from Bruges and finish in Oudenaarde. All other distances start and finish in Oudenaarde.

Check our guidelines here to be optimally prepared at the start.

Be quick to register to take advantage of a more affordable rate!
Depending on the number of participants registered, the rate for your distance will be determined.
You can find the current rate on the registration platform.

Caution: During the registration process we will add a 10 € deposit for the use of a frame plate, equipped with a chip. This deposit will be returned to you at the finish, or you can exchange it for the original event T-shirt.

Those who start from Bruges (235 km) can use our shuttle service from Oudenaarde both in the morning and at night. Make a reservation during your registration. More info here.

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  • For a group registration, you must have at least 10 people (across various distances); if you are with fewer persons, your group will be cancelled and you will lose the reservation.
  • Group registrations may only be done using the official online registration module. Excel lists etc. are no longer accepted.
  • On the registration form, you must first create a group. You will then receive an e-mail with your group name and group code. (You can manage the group at all times with the help of this code and your chosen password (do not forget this!)). Subsequently, you can add or remove participants. Only the group leader may validate participants. You can add as many participants to your group as you wish.
  • Registrations can be collected as a single package (all together) or individually. Please clearly indicate this on the registration form. If you choose to collect all race numbers together, this can only be done by the group leader. For individual collections, all participants will receive a separate confirmation e-mail with all information required to successfully collect their race number.
  • Once the group is complete, the group leader must pay for the entire group. Registrations are confirmed only when the group has been submitted and paid for. At this time, NO CHANGES may be made to your group. Subsequently, changes to your group can only be made on-the-spot at the registration stand. For this, an administration fee of 5 eur will be charged per change made.
  • Click here to register as a group

Exercise is fun, healthy and safe for most people. However, some people have an increased risk of problems during physical activity, which may require extra medical follow-up. If you meet one or several of the conditions below, it is recommended you contact your doctor or undergo a sports-medical examination before taking up more intensive forms of exercise:

  • You are taking medication to treat high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease.
  • At some point you suffered from coughing, shortness of breath or other breathing disorders during or after efforts or you have asthma.
  • You smoked in the past 5-10 years or you have not stopped smoking for longer than 6 months after a period of 5-10 years.
  • You have high blood pressure and/or increased cholesterol value
  • You fainted or became dizzy during or after an effort
  • You have ever had palpitations, arrhythmias or pain in the chest during or after doing exercise or you have ever been told that you have a heart murmur
  • A member of your family, younger than 55, suddenly died because of health problems (cardiovascular disease, cot death)
  • You have problems of the liver, kidneys or thyroid gland, diabetes

By signing up you automatically agree with the general terms and conditions.

Shuttle service

Shuttle service OUDENAARDE » BRUGES

A shuttle bus (with bike trailer) is laid on for participants in the 235 km from Oudenaarde to Bruges. This bus leaves at 05:15am., 7pm. and 8pm. sharp in Oudenaarde and transports you, and your bicycle, to Bruges.

Neem deel en steun de strijd tegen diabetes!

Diabetes Liga

Onze missie is om mens en maatschappij te inspireren dat iedereen met of zonder beperkingen in staat is tot grote prestaties, zolang je maar uitgaat van je mogelijkheden in plaats van je beperkingen.

Diabetes dreigt een wereldwijde epidemie te worden. Tegen 2030 heeft 1 op de 10 mensen diabetes. Dat zijn meer dan 1 miljoen mensen. Schrikwekkende cijfers. Bij type 2 diabetes, de meest voorkomende vorm, zijn ongezond eten en te weinig bewegen de grote boosdoeners.

Daarom willen wij diabetes onder de aandacht brengen en aantonen dat sportieve prestaties perfect haalbaar zijn voor mensen met diabetes, type 1 of type 2, mits uiteraard de nodige medisch begeleiding. Daarnaast vestigen wij de aandacht op de preventieve kracht van beweging bij mensen die een verhoogd risico hebben op type 2 diabetes. Beweging is immers een essentiële pijler in zowel de behandeling als de preventie van diabetes.

Steun de strijd tegen diabetes en stort 5 euro extra bij je inschrijving!

The essential Guide for cycling in Flanders

Cycling in Flanders

Why not stay around a bit longer? Suffer like a proper Flandrien on Flanders’ famous bergs & cobbles. Discover impressive routes, cool events, challenging bucket lists and tips to plan your stay! Pay a visit to Flanders’ famous historic cities and quench your thirst with our famous beers.

Discover Flanders like a real Flandrien!


Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen

Have a rewarding drink in our Peloton Café, relive the heroism of the Ronde and share the experience with fellow cyclists. Finish your Tour of Flanders in the Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen. The cycling hub for the Ronde, near the finish in Oudenaarde.

Get all the info on our website. And you can start your experience by following us on Instagram & Facebook.

Peloton Café


We are very much interested in how you have experienced our event. Please send us your remarks, reactions or ideas. We would love to hear from you.


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