We Ride Flanders will be postponed

In order to limit the risks of a further spread of the Coronavirus as much as possible, especially in those places where many people gather, we, as organiser, want to take our responsibility. Therefore, we have decided to postpone We Ride Flanders, planned for April 4 to a later date this year.


Saturday April 4, 2020 will be another great day for cycling! A day before the pros thousands of cyclists will ride their own Tour of Flanders. Being tested on the steep climbs and cobbled roads, enjoying the picturesque, meandering roads through the Flemish countryside and being propelled by that typical, unparalleled atmosphere of "Ronde van Vlaanderen Sportive".

Choose between courses of 74, 142, 177 and 235 km. The longest distance will largely mirror the course of the pros and start from Antwerp, the other three courses start in Oudenaarde.

Course Practical info


The 235 km course largely follows the course of the pros the next day. It's the ultimate challenge! The tours of 177, 142 and 74 km will also introduce you to the well-known, classic ascents and the finale of the most beautiful race of Flanders. The longest course will start in Antwerp and finishes in Oudenaarde. The other three courses will start and finish in Oudenaarde.

Detailed course


Starter pack for every participant

  • Unique Tour of Flanders gadget
  • Insurance (no helmet = no insurance)
  • Signallers on the course and at the start and finish
  • Well-equipped refreshment stations* at every checkpoint with Isostar sports nutrition, water, bananas, Meli honey biscuits, waffles, ...
  • Technical assistance
  • Frame sticker with climbs, cobbled sections and refreshment stations
  • Perfect directional signage on the course
  • Medical service at every checkpoint and at the finish
  • Coffee before the start
  • Massage at the finish (12:00 - 20:00)

*Refreshment stations are only accessible with a frame plate. Participants without a frame plate will not be admitted onto the course.

Start & finish/ location & timing


  1. Antwerp (Plantinkaai, Antwerp)
    • Cyclo 235 km: 7:00 - 8:00
  2. Oudenaarde (de Qubus, Lindestraat, Oudenaarde)
    • Cyclo 177 km: 7:00 - 8:00
    • Cyclo 142 km: 7:00 - 9:00
    • Cyclo 74 km: 7:00 - 10:00


De Qubus, Lindestraat in Oudenaarde (235, 177, 142 and 74 km). The last refreshment station will close at 19:00. If you arrive later, you will no longer be an official participant and you are obliged to take the shortest route to the finish. The finish in Oudenaarde will officially close at 20:00.

Collecting starter pack


Participants from Belgium registered before March 1 will receive their starter pack one week before the race via post.

All other participants will be able to collect their envelope on site. At the latest one week before the race they will receive a personal confirmation email including a personal number. Using this number they can collect their frame plate at the registration stand.

The registrations stand is open:

  • Friday 3/04 from 12:00 until 19:00 in Oudenaarde (Qubus).
  • Saturday 4/04 from 7:00 in Oudenaarde (Qubus) or from 6:00 in Antwerp (Plantinkaai) (235 km).

Skoda comfort zone

Skoda assures all participants to enjoy their heroic performance and relax in the Skoda Comfort Zone after the race!

Roze pijl

Free transportation of small luggage/clothing*

* only for participants of the 235 km course

  • Leaves from Antwerp at: 8:00 (drop luggage at the registrations)
  • Stop: After 78km at Herzele between +/- 10:00 and 12:30
  • Oudenaarde: from 15:00

Chase cars

Due to security reasons chase cars are not allowed on the course.

Bike rental

Prompt Cycle Culture will have a fleet of 30 Carbon road bikes available at the event Headquarters in Oudenaarde. All bikes are Ultegra level full carbon road bikes with hydraulic disc brakes or standard brakes. For more information and to reserve your bike please click here.

Beat the iconic hills and cobblestones with one of the professional bikes of the Tour of Flanders Center. Choose between a Specialized Roubaix, Ridley Fenix or a Trek Emonda. Make your reservation at ridelikeapro.be.

Accommodation Oudenaarde

Overnachting Oudenaarde

Find a place to spend the night

Huisje Mobilhome Camping

Accommodation Antwerp

Overnachting Antwerpen

Find a place to spend the nicht

Huisje Mobilhome Camping



Don't miss out on a cool Tour of Flanders outfit!

Discover our completely renewed merchandise shop in collaboration with Sportful and BUFF! Order a nice cycling jersey or shorts, matching socks or ensure a complete Sportful We Ride Flanders outfit. Looking for nice head or neckwear? Then be sure to check the BUFF products below.

All orders will be available in Oudenaarde on Friday and Saturday so you can collect them before or after your We Ride Flanders ride. In no case will orders be sent. It's also possible to purchase merchandise on site.

View the size table here

(Click to zoom in, scroll through the pictures using the directional keys, press ESC to close)

* WRF Fiandre Pro Jacket

It was on the Flemish walls that this garment was tested and retested by highly experienced cyclists and by the pros themselves. In this new version, Fiandre Light retains its front protection and resistance to light rain. The bottom in the back is longer for more rain coverage and a more comfortable fit. The construction of the collar has also been improved with greater attention to the shape. NoRain technology allows sweat to escape without allowing rain in. If it’s perfect for Flanders, this garment has no limits.

* WRF Veste

EASY TO ALWAYS TAKE WITH YOU. A garment that’s super packable and incredibly light, so you can always take it with you. You’ll forget you have it along until you need it. Lightweight water-repellent and windproof fabric Camlock® zipper. Rear pocket becomes stuff sack.

Shuttle service

Shuttle service OUDENAARDE » ANTWERP

For the participants who start from Antwerp (235 km) there will be a shuttle service (bus transfer with a trailer for bikes) between Oudenaarde and Antwerp. You will be able to use the shuttle service in the morning or at night, as you wish. It will travel from Oudenaarde to Antwerp at 5:15, 19:00 and 20:00. Choose your preferred time during the registration process. The shuttle service costs 35 € per journey.

The organisation is not responsible for damage to your during the transportation to and from the event, on the event itself and at the location for your stay.


The organisation recommends everyone not to perform heavy exercise without sufficient physical preparation. Make smart choices in terms of the distance you wish to complete and the pace you want to run at. Those who want to exercise at a high intensity, with performance in mind, are urged to get a yearly medical check-up by a qualified (sports) physician.

It is not necessary to present medical certificates. It is up to the participant to decide what to do with his or her medical information. As such the organisation is not responsible in this area.

Find more information about health and exercise .

Exercise is fun, healthy and safe for most people. However, some people have an increased risk of problems during physical activity, which may require extra medical follow-up. If you meet one or several of the conditions below, it is recommended you contact your doctor or undergo a sports-medical examination before taking up more intensive forms of exercise:

  • You are taking medication to treat high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease.
  • At some point you suffered from coughing, shortness of breath or other breathing disorders during or after efforts or you have asthma.
  • You smoked in the past 5-10 years or you have not stopped smoking for longer than 6 months after a period of 5-10 years.
  • You have high blood pressure and/or increased cholesterol value
  • You fainted or became dizzy during or after an effort
  • You have ever had palpitations, arrhythmias or pain in the chest during or after doing exercise or you have ever been told that you have a heart murmur
  • A member of your family, younger than 55, suddenly died because of health problems (cardiovascular disease, cot death)
  • You have problems of the liver, kidneys or thyroid gland, diabetes

Neem deel en steun de strijd tegen diabetes!

Diabetes Liga

Onze missie is om mens en maatschappij te inspireren dat iedereen met of zonder beperkingen in staat is tot grote prestaties, zolang je maar uitgaat van je mogelijkheden in plaats van je beperkingen.

Diabetes dreigt een wereldwijde epidemie te worden. Tegen 2030 heeft 1 op de 10 mensen diabetes. Dat zijn meer dan 1 miljoen mensen. Schrikwekkende cijfers. Bij type 2 diabetes, de meest voorkomende vorm, zijn ongezond eten en te weinig bewegen de grote boosdoeners.

Daarom willen wij diabetes onder de aandacht brengen en aantonen dat sportieve prestaties perfect haalbaar zijn voor mensen met diabetes, type 1 of type 2, mits uiteraard de nodige medisch begeleiding. Daarnaast vestigen wij de aandacht op de preventieve kracht van beweging bij mensen die een verhoogd risico hebben op type 2 diabetes. Beweging is immers een essentiële pijler in zowel de behandeling als de preventie van diabetes.

Steun de strijd tegen diabetes en stort 5 euro extra bij je inschrijving!

The essential Guide for cycling in Flanders

Cycling in Flanders

Why not stay around a bit longer? Suffer like a proper Flandrien on Flanders’ famous bergs & cobbles. Discover impressive routes, cool events, challenging bucket lists and tips to plan your stay! Pay a visit to Flanders’ famous historic cities and quench your thirst with our famous beers.

Discover Flanders like a real Flandrien!


Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen

Have a rewarding drink in our Peloton Café, relive the heroism of the Ronde and share the experience with fellow cyclists. Finish your Tour of Flanders in the Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen. The cycling hub for the Ronde, near the finish in Oudenaarde.

Get all the info on our website. And you can start your experience by following us on Instagram & Facebook.

Peloton Café


We are very much interested in how you have experienced our event. Please send us your remarks, reactions or ideas. We would love to hear from you.


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